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A Guide to Four Easy Plumbing Problems

Posted by on Jun 19, 2014 in Plumbing Repair Lexington KY | 0 comments

We are able to assist with any Plumbing Repair Lexington KY issue one be having.  Nevertheless, it’s also a good idea to see to it you have the skills to deal with any smaller plumbing repairs that could crop up throughout a time when it can be even tougher to obtain a specialist to ones house. Here are 5 easy plumbing fixes one could simply be able to care for oneself. Broken Pipes A broken pipe can trigger lots of people to be over anxious, however take a deep breath prior to finding the main water pipe and switching the supply off, one might well find oneself much less stressed. Now...

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Lexington Home Spring Maintenance Tasks

Posted by on May 12, 2014 in Plumbing Repair Lexington KY, Water Heater Repair Lexington KY | 0 comments

Right here are a few different maintenance tasks to perform around our home in the spring from Water Heater Repair Lexington KY. The majority of these jobs will not take long to do and will assist quite a little bit in protecting the value of ones house, along with making it more energy reliable. Water Heater The average life of a water heater is from eight to 12 years. It’s good to examine to see if there is any leaking or rusting at the system’s base, and if there are any leaks due to rust, it is a good sign that the water heater will need to be replaced unfortunately. In areas...

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Lexington KY Water Heater Repair Overview Video

Posted by on May 3, 2014 in Plumbing Repair Lexington KY, Water Heater Repair Lexington KY | 0 comments

We just finished putting together a new company video highlighting some of our plumbing repair services here. Water Heater Repair Lexington KY offers excellent water heater services throughout the whole Lexington location. From setups of new units for new construction or remodels; to water heater replacements; to regularly arranged service inspections, they are ready to assist property owners and businesses alike. Check out our introduction video...

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